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Cabana Talk With Abfabwomen Newest Video: Joe Sugarman!

Deborah Koeppel ~ Vibrational Thoughts ~ NEW: "Facing the Simple Truths"

Debra Oakland ~ Living In Courage ~ "Flexibility is Key to Happiness"

 Aura Imbarus ~ A Transylvania Guru ~ "God Just Give Me A Sign"

Marla Martenson ~ Metaphysical Matchmaker ~ "Are You Giving Too Much Too Soon?"

Cari LaGrange Murphy ~ Create Change Now
~ Do Destiny and Free Will Co-Exist?

Brenda Stanton ~ Note Worthy Musings ~ "Fear, Anxiety and Worry"

Betty Mahalik ~ Monday Morning Coach ~ "Life in 500 Pieces"

Who's In The Spotlight? Nancy Hovde, Author of "Uber Empowerment"!!


We are wonderful and beautiful women no matter what walk in life we choose to take, no matter what our age, the color of our skin, our hair or body type. At times life hands us a few bumps in the road but ultimately it’s your choice to make this day our best day.

It’s all about being optimistic and positive and drawing from within to experience the inner light to glow for the entire world to see. 
Join us here to celebrate your journey and embrace the life you were meant to live!

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