Brenda Stanton

Brenda Stanton

Meet Absolutely Fabulous Woman, Brenda Stanton!
Brenda lives by her philosophy to
Claim Your Worth!®

Read all about this very inspirational woman below:

As founder and CEO of Brenda Stanton, Inc. and The Modern Woman’s Toolkit, Brenda is a woman who lives by her philosophy to Claim Your Worth!®. 

For years Brenda has helped women to leverage the platform of creative multi-faceted business as the perfect tool for full-on self-realization and spiritual evolution.  Through her transformative visionary teaching, mentoring and consulting, Brenda helps women see their full potential by transforming their sabotaging hold-backs into immense clarity, courage and confidence for un-limited possibility - and strength - so they can step through their greatest fears and into their Divine Purpose. 

Brenda’s passion for creative entrepreneurship and spiritual growth had taken root years ago after a long-stint in publishing and advertising at some of the nation’s top media and consulting firms.  Discovering that the corporate halls didn’t hold her answers for meaning and fulfillment, Brenda took her “burnt-out” Self and followed her heart’s call for MORE.

Today, Brenda owns and operates a successful Life-Style business where she teaches, leads, and inspires women with Big Visions to step into their greatness and teaches via a variety of platforms including:  Business Retreats, Workshops & Events, and Private One-Day Intensive Consults.  

Brenda writes a powerful and insightful weekly eZine “Note Worthy” where women find inspiration, stories, and advice to help them claim their worth. She is a Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance and a graduate of Umass Amherst’s School of Management. 

When not working with clients, you can find Brenda enjoying the soothing waves of the beach in her Massachusetts home.

If you’d like to learn more about Brenda and receive your complimentary subscription of Note Worthy, visit her at


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