Cabana Talk With AbFabWomen

So What Exactly Is Cabana Talk With AbFabWomen? Click on the Photo Above to See the Video.

Marla Martenson; Debra Oakland; Aura Imbarus; Deborah Koeppel and Debra Eckerling

Join us as we travel to poolside cabana locations at

luxurious hotels and resorts throughout California and Las Vegas!

We will be bringing fun, laughter, sunshine, inspiration,

motivation and ways for all Absolutely Fabulous Women

to find their “abfabness” again both on the inside and out!

We will be talking to authors, motivators and

celebrities who inspire us to realize our dreams –

never give up on them and know that

YES they can and will come true!


Joe Sugarman - Successful Entrepreneur,
Author, Marketing Guru, BluBlocker Sunglasses,
and Signals Skincare (Just to name a few!)

Click on Photo Below to Be Taken To Video:
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Cabana Talk With AbFabWomen Videos!
Jen Kunkel - Extraordinary Lives for Ordinary People

Kassie Smith - Luxury Lifestyle Group

James Malinchak - Big Money Speaker and Secret Millionaire
Shelby Collinge -- Mind Magician!

Paula Pecorella, Wellness Coach:

Michael A. Harris, author of "Windsweeping":

Loren Slocum, "Life Tuneups"
Betty Mahalik, "Living a Five Star Life"

"Dream It Then Do It Girls" Marla Martenson and Debra Eckerling:

Debra Oakland, author of "Living in Courage"

Author of, "Out of the Transylvania Night", Aura Imbarus

Part I of II with author and cupid, Marla Martenson,
"Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker"

Part II with Marla Martenson

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