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Do Destiny and Free Will Co-Exist?


I'm often asked whether I believe that everything in our lives is predestined or whether I believe in free will. My answer is that I believe the two co-exist. I believe that there are moments, circumstances, events, and individuals that are meant to enter our lives. I also believe that the gift of free will (and how we use it) determines if, when, how quickly, or how often we open or close the doors to experience them.


I feel that every choice we make symbolizes the closing of one door and the opening of another. We may not be able to visibly see those doors opening and closing, but it's happening. I believe our eternal souls intended to fulfill a particular destiny and purpose in this lifetime, but the way in which we do so is entirely up to us. All of our experiences are designed to move us in the direction of our unique and ever-unfolding spiritual chronicle. We either choose to pay attention to all the signs and symbols along the way that are meant to steer us in the direction that is best for our spirit -- or we don't. While we cannot control the lives of others or choose FOR them, we CAN choose our responses, our attitudes, and our own actions. We always have the gift of personal freedom and free will. This gift enables us make wise choices that stem from listening to that ever-present, silent, yet oh-so-powerful voice within us.


Destiny can be likened to a straight line while free will is like a fluctuating wave above and below that line. We're never forced to live our destiny, but we're tethered to it, similar to being hooked to a fishing line. We can swim left or right, ahead or behind, but ultimately we get reeled in. The way I see it is that our destiny can be seen as a process or a progression of growth and development. It's not a destination. It's an unfolding spiritual chronicle that shapes us as we move along our path. The journey is meant to be lived with awareness.


In my own life, I have realized that the more spiritually "awake" I become, the more clearly I'm able to see doors opening and closing on my journey. This happens consistently now on a daily basis. I can also see how that occurrence is directly influenced by my decisions. It's makes life a whole lot more interesting when I embrace the steering wheel of my personal destiny and consciously direct it to go in the direction of my highest vision for myself. Becoming clear about that highest vision for myself is also part of the journey and part of the beauty involved in this whole spiritual quest. I've chosen to spend many years of my life fine tuning my deepest soul desires and healing myself from the inside-out to be in this incredible position of complete personal power that I'm at now. Yet, that shift can be made for anyone in an instant. It involves making conscious decisions that positively enhance and change our world, where we make the decisions that empower us to live the life of our dreams. I've learned that I am the only one responsible for creating my life story. My life story isn't determined by the choice of those around me. I have the ability, just as YOU do, to mold, shape, and design my day to day reality in whatever way I choose. Recognizing this powerful truth has clearly defined the word "liberation" for me.


Wishing you a beautiful day of soul-full liberation and joy. Remember to feel gratitude for every moment of the journey and recognize your power to influence your unfolding spiritual chronicle. You have far more creative power that you realize. I hope you'll tap into it, turn on the faucet of creative flow, and really begin to enjoy the beauty of conscious awakening and spiritual liberation. This is a daily gift being offered to you. Will you accept this gift today?

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