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Meet “Transylvania Guru”, Aura Imbarus! Aura was born in Transylvania and has written her intriguing memoir called, “Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity”. Aura will be sharing her beautiful inspirations with all Absolutely Fabulous Women! Enjoy!

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God, Just Give Me a Sign!

“I love those who love me; And those who diligently seek me will find me.”  —Proverbs 8:17

As a child, I never knew what I was truly praying for, nor did I truly understand the power of prayer.  The idea of an omniscient God that saw everything and everybody was a conundrum to my young mind.  I would always start my prayers with, “God, please help my Mom, my Dad, my Buni, my Grandpa, Ben—my humongous Saint Bernard—and P., my canary.” Not being completely mature in my faith, I never knew if my prayers were received—or answered, for that matter.  Nevertheless, through the years, I learned to trust in the mystery that was God.

It was only as an adult that I was finally was tested and got a new perspective on my willingness to lay my trust at God’s feet. I never knew the true value of my treasure until I lost it.

 At exactly 6 p.m. on December 31, 2008, my world collapsed. My mother passed away after a six month fight with liver cancer. In that moment, upon hearing that she taken her final breath, my brain froze, my heart raced like never before. I was engulfed in darkness.  Rica, my mom, who had been my every reason to live, breath, and love, was gone. I couldn’t fathom it. She had been the moon and the stars, the dawn and the dusk, the end and the beginning to all my days.  She had been my mentor, my friend, my confidante—my everything.  That life could go on without her was impossible to imagine. I had always pictured myself next to her through all of life’s journey, together forever in sickness and in health.

How could, the same God I had always prayed to for all I needed and wanted in life take what I loved most? He lost my trust in that moment. My rage was deep and bitter. I would shed no tears; I would not dress in the traditional black; I would not mourn.  I refused to make the sign of cross again.  I would not praise his name.

Tormented nights followed, one after and another.

One bleak night, as I lay balled up on the floor, racked by uncontrollable sobs, despite my resolve to turn from him, I found myself crying out to the emptiness. I called upon God to give me a sign that my beloved mother was all right. “Please, just one sign, that’s all,” I cried. “I beseech you dear Lord. Just one sign, a small sign. Please allow me an answer.”

 I didn’t expect a response. After all, I had turned away from him, refused to acknowledge him any longer. But he did hear me. Perhaps mourning my loss as much as I was, and loving me as only God can, in his infinite wisdom, he showed me his love.

In the dark room, the only light was emanating from the electronic picture frame where I was scrolling through hundreds of photos of my mother. It suddenly went blank. It turned off. No matter how much I tried to restart it: nothing. And in that sudden darkness and stillness, a peaceful wave of serenity washed through me and I felt like I could touch infinity.  I felt God put his hand on my heart.  

And so it was that God had answered me—in my moments of pain, in my moments of disengaging from my faith, in my moments of railing against him—as if to say, “She is with me; take comfort and peace in knowing this.”

I could go forward.

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