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What are “Vibrational Thoughts”? They are those thoughts that we are giving our attention
to as a result of certain emotional reactions.
We will focus here on
the good things in life
and how we can change our thoughts to live our lives the way we were meant to – the way we desire -- in vibrational sync of making every
 day our best day!


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Facing the Simple Truths

Written by Deborah Koeppel

The primary simple honest truth we ALL must face is to take responsibility for our own life, our own thoughts, our own emotions and our own actions. It does not do any good to blame others or to blame “situations”. Blame-type behavior only keeps us stuck in a place where we really don’t want to be and we find ourselves rerunning the “same ol’, same ol’” in our lives: The same ol’ story of “woe is me”; the same ol’ story of seeing self as a victim; and the same ol’ story of choosing a negative emotion vs. reaching for a positive thought and feeling.

It all begins with each one of us – no one else! You are the only one who has control over your thoughts! You get to choose your thoughts on everything! All of our experiences – whether positive or negative, are tied up in our thoughts and emotions. All of our external senses (touch, smell, sight, sound and taste)—whether it is positive or negative memories associated with these senses, are tied up in our thoughts and emotions. For each thought or emotion of happiness, there is the polar opposite of unhappiness. It’s your choice which positive or negative thought you want to have as your predominant emotion.

Take a look at our sense of smell. You may love the beautiful scent of a type of candle. The scent may remind you of the fun, happy times you spend with a romantic partner. The scent of the candle makes you feel happy and you enjoy thinking of the beautiful moments. You feel the warmth of the candle through the warmth of your thoughts. You are experiencing beautiful, happy, loving emotions by the triggering scent of this candle. You are choosing your thoughts and from your sense of smell, remembering the happy times you spend with your partner.

But, maybe there was a recent breakup with your partner. You light the same candle and with the very same scent that caused you to emotionally feel happy, thoughts of sadness are triggered because you begin to choose to dwell on the negative, painful emotions of the breakup. After time has passed and you are in a better emotional place, you may once again choose and connect positive thoughts with the scent of the same candle. But no matter if it is a positive or negative thought, YOU are choosing it through the emotions you are feeling!

The same example can be said for our sense of hearing. One day your emotions may be positively triggered by the words and notes of a song and another day your emotions may be negatively triggered by the very same words and notes of the same song. The bottom line is, we all have a choice on the positive or negative thoughts we think which lead to the positive or negative emotions we experience.

You must begin to be aware of the emotions you are feeling. You may feel angry, hurt, let-down, sad, depressed, sorry for yourself, etc.  To gain an awareness of your emotions, you must step aside from the emotions and really look at what is triggering this negativity. Try to look at yourself from the outside looking in – as if it is not you having the negative feelings but you are witnessing someone else having them. More than likely you will find that the negative emotion is a trigger from past events, situations and the memory triggering of one or more of our five external senses.

Once you accomplish the task of pinpointing the beginning of a negative emotional trigger, the next step would be to look at another simple truth we must all face. That truth is forgiveness. The only way to move on with our life from any disappointments or negativity that has occurred and the negative “things” we may still be carrying in our hearts is to forgive. Not only to forgive others, but also to forgive yourself. As far as the disappointment or situation that may have happened in your life, it is not up to you to judge it and forgiveness does not condone any wrong doing. It is only up to you to forgive those that may have hurt you in some way and to forgive yourself. Then and only then can you move on and stop rerunning the negative story and the negative triggers you have been keeping with you.

Respect, honesty, kindness and trustworthiness are more simple truths as we are all ONE.  YOU are loved and we must exhibit and express love to others. You do not live on this planet alone. The people in your life or who crosses your path all deserve to be treated with respect, honesty and kindness. It is not up to you to judge others or to place blame. Your trustworthiness is simply earned by being true to yourself and others. Along with this, you must take responsibility to nourish your own physical body and spirit with healthy fuel, education and exercise. Our health is affected by our thoughts. How does your body feel when you are angry vs. when you are laughing and happy? Negative thoughts and emotions manifest disease and unhealthy bodies. Positive thoughts and emotions manifest healthy bodies.

Feelings and expressions of gratitude for the many blessings in our life is another simple truth. No matter who you are or what has happened to you in your past, we ALL have something to be grateful for. Instead of dwelling on negative things that has happened or is happening in your life, take a look at the things in your life that are positive and good. Again, EVERYONE has something positive and good in their lives to be grateful for – EVERYONE! When you begin to feel grateful for your blessings, your whole emotional outlook changes from thoughts of lack to thoughts of abundance.

You see, when we have thoughts of negativity, of lack and sadness, we get more of the same. It is a universal LAW of vibration – a simple truth. It is a law of our own vibrational thoughts. What we think of is what we manifest in our lives. Once again, it all begins with YOU. YOU must take the responsibility for your own life, your own thoughts, your own emotions and your own actions. It begins with you to face these simple truths and to live the life you were meant to live instead of rerunning the same ol’, same ol’.

Looking Beyond the Obvious

There are times when you may feel that life can be overwhelming. You may be experiencing relationship troubles, financial worries, health issues and spiritual disconnect – just to name a few. When you are experiencing these troubles, you are emotionally connecting to the issue at hand rather than looking beyond the obvious or the true nature of things.

As you are self-inflicting this stress to your emotional being, you are not looking beyond the obvious of what is, but rather dwelling on your fears and the negativity. When we focus on these troubles, we are moving away from what is our true nature. Our true nature is that of peace, love and connection with the divine. When we are centered with our true nature, we see beyond the obvious very clearly.

Issues happen in life, but the truth is the issues we experience are more than likely self-inflicted. You see these issues continue to manifest as we dwell and bring forward our past troubles rather than letting them go. We connect to yesterday’s issues because of a momentary trigger of old fears and disappointments. We emotionally keep the past troubles hostage in our subconsciousness because we haven’t fully let those troubles go.

The past is gone. Yesterday will no longer happen. We all realistically know that as the obvious. However, when we carry the past into today, we re-experience some of those same issues in one way, shape or form. We may find ourselves often asking this question, “Why is this happening to me?” or simply “Why me?”. We hold ourselves hostage to hitting the same old “repeat” button over and over again until we begin to look beyond the obvious.

When we begin looking beyond the obvious – the obvious meaning the emotional pain, fears and troubles we are experiencing today and soulfully acknowledge what we are holding on to, real change will begin to manifest.

We cannot let the past dictate our future. Yes, we can acknowledge our lessons learned from the past, but we need to let go of the emotional bondage that is tying us to the past and away from living our lives in peace, harmony, love and connection to our source.

We begin this process by taking steps of letting go. We look beyond the obvious and sincerely know that we are not bound to the past mistakes and troubles. We must redirect our old patterns of thought away from our past self-inflicted fears and troubles. Yes, life does throw us a few arrows, but we must remove those arrows from our hearts and realize what we have is now. We must take care of ourselves, know we are meant to love and be loved and treat ourselves and others with respect and kindness.  If we center our thoughts on the bad things that may be thrown at us, then that is what we will continue to receive. We must appreciate and be grateful for our many blessings – and yes, we ALL have many blessings in our lives.

As we redirect our old thought patterns, we must also take care as to not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow is not here yet and the only time that matters is how you live your life in this very moment.  Stressing about anything that could happen tomorrow is useless to you right now. You see, what you may be stressing about may not ever happen and what you dwell on, you get more of.

The choice is ours. Our experiences on this earth is ours. Look beyond the obvious and know that you are a perfect person just as you are today. Know that all your wishes and dreams are here – right now. Move on from the bad stuff and start experiencing today to the fullest. Know that nothing but yourself can stand in your way to happiness, love, abundance, peace, joy and connection to spirit. Only you have the choice – it’s truly up to you. So I ask you, what’s it going to be? You have this moment – right now to begin anew and receive the many gifts and love that life has to offer.


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